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“We continue with the proposal to expand our activities towards the sustainable development of the locations and communities where we operate and where we intend to operate. As an example of this commitment, in July 2021 we signed our participation in the Brazilian UN Global Compact Network, an initiative that aims to establish collective principles that ensure institutional positioning standards consistent with sustainable values and assumptions. This is our opportunity. To be able to contribute even more, within our business model, to overcoming global sustainability challenges.”

Pillars | Materiality

We define our materiality based on a sector benchmark analysis and research with external and internal strategic stakeholders. In this process, we selected the 3 main pillars to strengthen our ESG practices.


Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Global Compact

Our commitment to the future is also being materialized in engagement actions with the main global references that guide discussions on sustainability. In July 2021, we formalized our adhesion to the Brazilian UN Global Compact Network, as well as the first steps to join the Minas Gerais SDG HUB. Moreover, based on our business model and strategic materiality, we defined the priority SDGs for Log’s operations, which are the focus of our greatest contribution to achieving the global sustainable development goals.


Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Our strategic planning is the basis for our major contribution to SDG 9. The expansion of the company’s business, with the TODOS POR 1.4 plan and the possibility of increasing the Brazilian logistics infrastructure and support for the expansion of industrial and service consumer markets.


Quality Education

We are expanding our Social Log Program to develop actions aimed at education with schools in the vicinity of our projects, as well as the development of new possibilities for educational projects and partnerships, both with communities and employees.


Clean and Accessible Energy

We understand that our contribution is already effective in this SDG by directly acting in the free energy market (clean energy). In addition, we are studying the possibility of generating our own energy (solar plants). We also have the plan, in the short term, to create our emissions inventory.


Sustainable Cities and Communities

By developing our projects in more peripheral locations in urban centers, we are contributing to the structural development of these regions. As an example of this, we highlight road and urban improvements around our warehouses.


Sustainability Report

In 2021, we developed our 2020 base year sustainability report, referenced by the GRI Standards model – essential option. The report (insert link) presents in detail all this information and others about our positioning and commitment to advancing in processes and actions in our business model that are increasingly aligned with current and future sustainability assumptions.

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